Return to Seville

We chose to stay at the only ‘real’ campsite just outside Seville which is in Dos Hermanas (Two Sisters). It also happens to have a Fiat repair centre just round the corner 😉.

Before we arrived at the campsite we went to the garage and they did an engine diagnostic which showed that our mass air flow meter fitting was loose. The mechanic twiddled something and said we’re good to go. We didn’t even get out of the garage before, guess what, the engine warning light came back on! 

So now our mass air flow meter needs replacing and of course the garage doesn’t have it in stock so it needs to be ordered. We were told they might have it ‘mañana’ which made me shudder inwardly from stories about the Spanish and their ‘mañanas’. But we had got this far and we need to stick it out.  So now we have to wait until mañana comes….. 

For the rest to make sense I should tell you that we arrived and went to the garage on Tuesday 30th October. On Wednesday we realised that Thursday was the 1st November and ‘El Día de los Muertos’ the day of the dead and a public holiday in Spain. Which of course means the garage will be closed.  And with Thursday being a holiday loads of people would be taking the Friday off too.  So we are hoping very fervently that the part will indeed arrive by Wednesday (31st) otherwise we’d be stuck here for a while.

We did wonder if there might have been a festival in Seville and checked online but it seems the big parades are more of a Mexican/Latino American thing as I couldn’t find anything advertised.

The campsite is alright but we wouldn’t have stayed here out of choice. It’s more expensive and located in what can only be described as an oasis in the middle of a retail park area. Also as we are waiting for a phone call, we can’t do anything that’s too far away from the van in case we were asked to get back to the garage. 

Ermm, you know I had a little rant some blogs ago about litter?  ☺️ Well, it turns out I might have been a bit precipitate. You do get rubbish on the street in some places though I still maintain it’s not as bad as places in the UK. And Spanish people as a whole do not clean up after their dogs, or maybe the pooh is from strays? Not sure on that one…

And talking of pests, we have come to regret donating our fly swat to charity before our big adventure. We are now proud owners of two new ones. Flies beware!

Well unfortunately we didn’t hear anything from the garage by the end of the week (2nd November) so we had the weekend ‘free’. On Saturday we went back to Seville specifically to have a leisurely lunch. We battled the huge weekend crowds to our eaterie of choice from the thousand or so that Seville has to offer. We chose Hops and Dreams, a craft beer Tapas bar and had a lovely meal. We then had dessert at the Heladeria we went to with Max and Sophie. I know I might have said I wouldn’t take pictures of food but….


We also came across several flamenco street shows of which this was one….


We also did wander into the older part of Dos Hermanas a few times which was OK. It’s not really pretty but it is where people live and there are more shops selling everything from motorbikes, flamenco dresses, fabrics, electrical goods and food than we expected. And the usual plethora of cafés and restaurants

Now it is Monday the 5th November, a lovely warm sunny day. We went into Dos Hermanas to get some food and on the way back popped into the garage. Good news, the part was being collected and we were to come back after lunch at 4pm to have it fitted! We can only hope that it will be the end of our current engine worries.

Well we collected the van and so far so good, no engine light and although it might be my imagination, the van is running very smoothly now 👍

So we’ve paid up at the site and are heading off to Ronda…..

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