Figueres and just a little surrealism

Please forgive the tardiness of this posting, we visited Figueres on the 30th December and since leaving our base in L’Estartit on the 2nd January, we have experienced rubbish internet connection. We are now safely and cosily based at our house sit in beautiful Cotignac for the next 3 months with excellent internet connection!

So to catch up on our adventures, like I’ve just mentioned, we visited Figueres as 2018 drew to a close. We spent the day at Dalí’s Theatre and Museum, what a fantastic place!  Eric had been here 30 years ago but couldn’t remember much.  We both knew some of Dalí’s surrealist work, the melting clocks for example, but it was for me at least, wonderful to see a wide range of his work in different media in one place.  An amazing artist.

If you go to Figueres, I advise you book tickets first ☺️. We didn’t, and so waited in line for 30mins to get a ticket and a further 45mins for our time slot to get into the museum.


It was packed in the museum and difficult at times to take photos without someone shuffling in my way.  There were even human traffic jams in places where we couldn’t move at all!  That was a shame as it did spoil some of the experience.

I’m no art critic, so will show you some of the pictures I took of his work and let them speak for themselves….

These were taken inside the enormous central courtyard of the museum:


Examples of some of Dahí’s wonderfully detailed miniatures and works in different styles…


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Some ink drawings….


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The man himself and paintings of his wife Gala…


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Other works in varied mediums…


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We also visited the jewellery exhibition.  A word about his pieces here.  In Dalí’s words, he created jewellery to express beauty rather than simple utility.  To please the eye, give pleasure, to encourage imagination.  In this way, he explains, we the viewers, give the designs life and meaning. What do you think?


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That’s all folks!!



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