Meersburg and Cats on leads…..

On what must have been the hottest and the most humid day so far this year, we decided to cycle to Meersburg from our campsite – just over 9kms away.  Meersburg is on Bodensee/Lake Constance and was recommended by one of our camping neighbours as well worth a visit.

True to form, we went the ‘scenic’ route to get there, up and down hills and getting hotter and more sweaty by the minute.  The trip there took us an hour and a half.  On the way back we took the proper route, it took us forty minutes……

It was worth it though, Meersburg is very pretty in a chocolate box sort of way.  The old town boasts two castles; the old castle built by the Merovingian King Dagobert I in the seventh century, and the new castle built in the 18th century.  See if you can guess which is which!


The old town itself has some lovely little streets…..

Here are a couple of pictures of the waterfront.  As the day was very hot the view across to Switzerland was very hazy, you can just about make out the mountains behind the picture of the statue in the first picture……


We stopped by a hat shop to get a hat for me.  Just as we had left, the shop owner stopped us to enquire about Eric’s hat.  She wanted to know where he got it as she wanted to see if she could get some for her shop!  I’m not sure how helpful we were, but I wish her the best of luck trying to source some.

Back to the campsite.  One of our camping neighbours was a very friendly German couple who travelled with their two Ragdoll cats, Diego and Eddie.  We’ve seen a few cats on leads in our travels, it’s clearly a trend that is getting more mainstream.  The Ragdoll breed apparently is quite docile and easy to train to wear a lead.  Of the many cats I have had or known in my life, I can’t imagine any of them tolerating such a restriction, but these seemed quite used to it having been ‘trained’ since they were little kittens.


The lighter coloured cat is Diego, he took quite a shine to our van having inspected it inside and out.  Eddie is the darker coloured cat, he wasn’t unfriendly, but a bit more wary of us funny talking strangers.

So last Thursday we decided to leave Salem and head to our next stop, Freiburg.  See you there!

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