As I write this very short blog, we are now sitting outside our new camping spot in Oirschot in the Netherlands having left Ahrbrück this morning. On Wednesday we will travel our last 180 kms or so northwards to the Hook of Holland and catch the ferry to Harwich on Wednesday afternoon, marking the end of our 9 month tour of Europe!

So back to Ahrbrück. After our relatively short stay in Heidelberg, we headed off for a bit of quiet countryside in the Ahr valley in north-western Germany. Although the area is close to the major industrial and urban sprawl of Koblenz and Köln, it is a green and picturesque area and a very peaceful contrast to the last couple of stays we have had in cities of Freiburg and Heidelberg.

The Ahr valley is well known for the many vineyards located a little further downstream from our campsite. The area is also popular with cyclists and walkers. Both walking cycle routes are easy and take you through some beautiful countryside….

Vineyards at Mayschoß, taken on one of our lovely bike rides….

Mayschoß, near AhrbrückMayschoß, near Ahrbrück

We also saw Trout fishing in the river….

Mayschoß, near Ahrbrück


And a lovely inviting spot to sit down and watch the world go by…..

Mayschoß, near Ahrbrück

A typical scene, disused windmill atop of rocky prominence……


We stayed in Ahrbrück for 3 days/4 nights just relaxing, cycling and walking as well as soaking in the long awaited sunshine and warm evenings…..

One thought on “Ahrbrück”

  1. Really enjoyed your trip through your photos etc. I am going to Totnes on Thursday until late Tuesday 25th. Where are you going to be staying?


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